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The District of Delaware held its annual FBA luncheon today. The presentations were wonderful, as usual, and covered the typical topics. Here are some of the notable points from Chief Judge Connolly's presentation:

  • The state of the Court is excellent, and we are back to having a full bench.
  • The Court will be doing even better next year, when Judge Andrews is planning to take senior status but continue to take cases, which will effectively give the Court an additional judge.
  • The nomination process for filling Judge Andrews' seat once he takes senior status next year is proceeding "expeditiously."
  • The Court remains very busy:
    • It's the 4th busiest court by weighted case volume, although two of the higher-weighted courts …

Annual Report 2021
U.S. District Court

We wrote recently to report about the District of Delaware FBA's annual meeting, where the Court updated local practitioners about the state of the Court and upcoming changes. We promised an update when the Court issues its 2022 Annual Report.

Well, here is that update! The report is attached below in full. Some highlights include:

  • The report notes that the last five judges nominated to the District of Delaware took their oaths of office and entered duty within two weeks of confirmation by the Senate. The Senate confirmed Judge Williams on July 20, 2022. Doing the math, if history repeats itself, we should see Judge Williams start by Wednesday August 3, 2022. That's good news …