A Blog About Intellectual Property Litigation and the District of Delaware


IP/DE is a blog about IP litigation and the District of Delaware, which I founded in May, 2020.

Since the Supreme Court's 2017 decision in TC Heartland, the District of Delaware has been one of the nation's busiest patent litigation forums. Most years, we handle more patent cases here than any other district.

This blog focuses on patent litigation and the District of Delaware, but also includes occasional posts about other IP issues and activities in the Delaware courts that may impact those practicing here.

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The Authors

I'm a partner at Shaw Keller LLP in Wilmington, Delaware, and I formerly clerked for the Honorable Christopher J. Burke, United States Magistrate Judge for the District of Delaware.

My practice consists mostly of patent cases in the District of Delaware and in other districts around the country. You can view my full bio here.

The other authors are generally also attorneys or law clerks with Shaw Keller. Our regular contributors (current and former) have a combined 30+ years (!) of experience with patent litigation here in Delaware.

ANOTHER District of Delaware Blog?

Yes. I thought there was space for some further, interesting discussion about goings on in the District of Delaware. I talked more about this in our first post.

Why Don't You Cite Things?!?

Readability. The goal is to have short, easy-to-read and even fun (hah!) posts. That said, even though we don't often include formal legal citations, we generally attach the relevant opinions or other documents, and we usually provide at least one full case citation if the post is about something from a specific case.

Certain well-known cases, like Jumara and Pennypack, get special treatment. I set up a system that automatically highlights cases like those and provides a pop-up with a full citation.

Do You Represent Me?

No. Check out our disclaimer.

Could You Represent Me?

Sure! We do both lead and local patent litigation work, as well as various other litigation in Delaware state and federal courts (and in other courts around the country). Just get in touch.