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One thing I noticed, but failed to mention, in discussing Judge Williams' opinion in Cirba IP, Inc. v. VMware, Inc., C.A. No. 19-742-GBW, week was the following passage on footnotes in briefing:

[T]he Court ultimately needs not address this footnote argument because "arguments raised in passing (such as, in a footnote), but not squarely argued, are considered waived. "

Cirba, at 4 n.3 (quoting Samsung Elecs. Co. v. Netlist, Inc. , C.A. No. 21-1453-RGA, 2022 WL 3027312, at *5 (D. Del. Aug. 1, 2022))

This is a policy we've touched on occasionally on the blog, most notably from Judge Andrews.

Where it gets interesting, is that Judge Williams issued another order with …