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Just a reminder that the District of Delaware courthouse is closed on Thursday and Friday of this week, 12/23/2021 and 12/24/2021.

The Court's has already updated its website to display the 2022 holidays, but the 2021 holidays are still available via the Wayback Machine.

Why does this matter? Well, let me quote FRCP 6:

(a) Computing Time. . . .
(3) Inaccessibility of the Clerk’s Office. Unless the court orders otherwise, if the clerk’s office is inaccessible . . . on the last day for filing under Rule 6(a)(1) [a period stated in days or a longer unit], then the time for filing is extended to the first accessible day that is not …

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Wilmington, DE Andrew Russell, CC BY 2.0

Big news! The White House announced today that Judge Leonard P. Stark of the District of Delaware is set to be nominated to the Federal Circuit.

Assuming he is confirmed, Judge Stark will actually be the second judge to be elevated to an appellate court from the District of Delaware in recent memory, following The Honorable Kent A. Jordan's elevation to the Third Circuit in 2006.

Congratulations to Judge Stark!

Another Judicial Vacancy? No problem.

Despite its enormous patent case load, the District of Delaware remains a small court, with just four district court judges (although the Judicial Conference …