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Dmitry Demidko, Unsplash

Judge Burke issued an R&R today on two things we don't see very often: a successful motion for judgment on the pleadings, and preemption of state law claims by federal patent law.

The case, Bear Box LLC v. Lancium LLC, C.A. No. 21-534-MN-CJB (D. Del.), involves a patent on more-energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining systems. One of the plaintiffs claims to have met one of the defendants at a conference and, later, confidentially disclosed his ideas for improved cryptocurrency mining. Then, he says, the defendants patented his ideas.

According to the Court, plaintiffs brought two correction-of-inventorship claims, plus three state law claims:

  • Conversion ("theft of inventions")
  • Unjust enrichment (claiming inventorship of plaintiff's invention) …