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You don't get to pick your jobs in the P.I. biz. A good gumshoe takes what walks in the door, and the only questions he asks are "how much?" and "permanently?" The only answer he'll take is a raised eyebrow and and that money gesture when you rub your thumb against two fingers.

Hamburglar was of the old school. 40 years ago he had a reputation that could make a clown go back into his little car with all his friends and drive off without so much as a honk. When the doc said his arteries were starting to look looked like string cheese, he put that all behind him - hung up his shingle and started trying to solve …

Caution Tape
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If you're briefing on an ethical issue in the District of Delaware, consider the local rules before relying exclusively on the Delaware Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct (DLRPC):

(d) Standards for Professional Conduct. Subject to such modifications as may be required or permitted by federal statute, court rule, or decision, all attorneys admitted or authorized to practice before this Court, including attorneys admitted on motion or otherwise, shall be governed by the Model Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association (“Model Rules”), as amended from time to time.

D. Del. Local Rule 83.6(d). According to the Judge Jordan, back in 2004:

[T]he ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct, not the Delaware Rules of …