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I assume there is a troll in here somewhere
I assume there is a troll in here somewhere Jamie Street, Unsplash

As I mentioned earlier this week, I recently saw a fascinating article by James Bottomley relating a non-attorneys' view on patent trolls and a specific attack against GNOME, a well-known component of many open source Linux- and Unix-based operating systems.

The GNOME Foundation was sued in the N.D. Cal. by a Rothschild entity (a well-known NPE). The case involved what looks like a pretty typical NPE complaint, alleging infringement of a single patent. His article recounted his experiences and the settlement, and argues that the patent system is broken because of how hard it is to defend against these kinds of suits.

I wanted to …

Well this is interesting. It's an article by a non-attorney about the GNOME foundation's fight against a suit by a Rothschild NPE. The article links to the settlement agreement and characterizes it as including a covenant not to sue from all Rothschild entities against anyone based on the use of software licensed under all of the biggest open-source licenses.

Last year, a Rothschild entity sued the GNOME foundation for infringement by its product GNOME, which is a well-known open-source component of many GNU/Linux- and Unix-based operating systems.

The parties settled in May 2020, and the press releases and news reports at the time suggested that the settlement protected other open source software from future Rothschild suits.

Now that we …