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It's no secret that Delaware, like essentially everywhere else, has a huge number of trials scheduled for the coming months with many of our judges double and triple-booked with trials. As the pandemic backlog finally begins to clear, I thought it might be interesting to see if this congestion was having any effect on when trials were being scheduled for new cases., compared to our historical average. To that end, below is the current average time from scheduling order to trial for each of our Article 3 judges based on their 5 most recent schedules:

  • ANDREWS - 23.8 Months
  • CONNOLLY - 24.1 Months
  • NOREIKA - 25.3 Months
  • STARK - 24.2 Months

I was a bit surprised that these figures were …

Trials in ANDA cases (also known as Hatch-Waxman cases) are usually very efficient matters. There is no jury, and the judges, lawyers, and witnesses that regularly try and participate in ANDA cases are well-practiced at maximizing the amount of evidence presented in each trial day (even where the issues are quite complicated and the parties numerous). So ANDA trials are often short, sometimes just a few days from start to finish.

Occasionally, however, even ANDA cases are too complicated to fit into a one-week-or-less trial. For example, Judge Stark recently stated that he may allocate up to 25 hours per side in an ANDA case set to go to trial later this week.