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It's a bit of a slow news day for the subjects we typically cover, so I wanted to write about an exciting and under-covered topic: Certificates of Service in the District of Delaware!

A Certificate of Service (COS) is a document at the end of the filing that says who the document was served on. Back in the days of paper filing, it was important to show who received a copy of a document.

Now we have CM/ECF, the Court's electronic filing system, which automatically generates a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) when anything is filed. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5(d)(1)(B) specifically says that "[n]o certificate of service is required when a paper is served …

You may not realize the dangers with certain stips.
You may not realize the dangers with certain stips. Andrew E. Russell, CC BY 2.0

It was a bit of a slow week as far as opinions from the District of Delaware, so I wanted to write a short post about stipulations, covering a few questions that sometimes come up.

What Can You Do by Stipulation in D. Del.?

In the District of Delaware, most litigation-related matters or facts can potentially be stipulated to. This includes, most commonly, extensions of deadlines. Parties routinely file, and the Court routinely grants, stipulations extending time for things like answer deadlines, deadlines to file a scheduling order, and protective order deadlines. Parties likewise routinely stipulate to the amendment of pleadings, FRCP 41 dismissals, …