A Blog About Intellectual Property Litigation and the District of Delaware

A simple topic for my first post—why start a blog?

Aren't there already multiple Delaware IP law blogs?

Yes, there are already other blogs that cover IP litigation in the District of Delaware, such as YCST's Delaware IP Law Blog—which I used to write for—and Gregory B. Williams' Delaware Intellectual Property Litigation blog.

They've done a great job over the past 10+ years of covering hundreds and hundreds of decisions issued by the judges here. They often post detailed summaries of judicial decisions, and they have covered many seismic changes in the district.

Haven't you heard of a thing called Law360?

Yes, and I've written for it. It's great. There is also Docket Navigator, which is an amazing service that just keeps getting better.

(There's also Bloomberg Law, who won't let you in the front door unless you agree to buy the whole house.)

But Law360 is a news service, with 1,000-plus-word opinion pieces. And Docket Navigator offers great summaries, but it's tough to pick through it to find the important stuff.

Where does IP/DE fit in?

There is still room for a less formal, just-what-you-need-to-know style of blog. Something in-between what you'd see on twitter (RIP @PatentParrot) and the heavier, more formal and more detailed posts at the existing blogs or at Law360.

My goal for IP/DE is to cover only the most interesting parts of opinions, orders, transcripts, and news, in the shortest way I can. I think it will be a nice compliment to the daily fire hose of information that is already available from all of the other blogs and services.

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