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IP/DE launched 3 years ago today, with our first post published on May 25, 2020. The site started off as my pandemic project. I'm thrilled that it's still going three years later—and we don't plan to stop posting any time soon.

As I said in that first post, my goal has always been for IP/DE to be a "less formal, just-what-you-need-to-know style of blog"—the kind of legal blog I'd want to read! Something that "covers only the most interesting parts of opinions, orders, transcripts, and news, in the shortest way I can."

We've continued to strive to hit that goal, although our posts are often longer than I'd like, and we sometimes tend to write about the opinions and orders that make for easy posts rather than spending the time to really digest some of the longer opinions that would make for good posts.

Still, writing the blog every day has made us better lawyers and better writers, and I hope it has helped the wonderful people involved in the Delaware bar—Delaware lawyers, their co-counsel, clients, Delaware judges, and others—feel more connected.

A giant thank you to our contributors!

Other than me, our current blog authors include Nate Hoeschen and Emily DiBenedetto, who do a great job of digging through all of the orders, opinions, and other news each day to find interesting things and then writing posts about them.

We've also had two other authors who have since moved on to other things, Jeff Castellano and David Fry. Both of them wrote some of our best posts and really helped propel the site forward.

All of our contributors have been amazing to work with, and there would be no IP/DE without them. Thank you!!

A traffic update

From my perspective, IP/DE is doing great. I truly appreciate the readership. Running this site has been incredibly rewarding, and I hope it has proven helpful (or at least interesting) to all of our readers.

Our readership grew slowly at first, but steadily, and we now have more traffic than ever (ignoring that month when we started posting about Mavexar):

Blog Readership

IP/DE's numbers are absolutely tiny by some standards, but for our little niche, I think they're spectacular. The amount of people visiting the blog each day has grown by around 3x each year, and if anything it seems to be accelerating. We still have plenty of room to grow.

What should we improve?

IP/DE hasn't changed all that much in its first three years. The site design is the same, our style guide is the same, and we talk about the same kinds of things (although our writing is getting better—I hope).

So my question for you is: what can we improve? What would make IP/DE more interesting, helpful, or fun to read? If you have any ideas, please let me know!

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